Your fur pom will need some “fluffing love” after it’s transit in the mail to achieve it’s full volume

1) Turn hat upside down and shake hat
2) Massage fur around the interior ball base
3) Turn hat upside down and shake hat again, or for best results, hold hat upside down and use a blow-dryer only if it has a cool setting to fluff up the fur

- - - - - 

All of our hats are made from high quality materials. To maintain the original appearance of your hat, it is essential that you take care of it properly. Below is a general guide on how to care for your Early Apres hat

Fur Pom
1) Never wash your fur pom
2) Fur is naturally water-resistant, however if your fur pom does get wet during rain or snow, shake it off and ideally hang it upside down to dry naturally.

Knit Hat
1) Before cleaning your hat, remove your fur pom which is attached to your hat by a strong button snap. We recommend wedging your nail in between the button snaps at the top to preserve the integrity of the stitching atop.
2) Set fur pom aside in a safe dry area
3) Prepare a bowl with lukewarm water and a drop of shampoo or neutral wool detergent
4) Fully submerge hat in bowl and let soak for 10 minutes
5) Remove hat and rinse well under lukewarm water until soap or shampoo has been removed
6) Do not twist or wring out. Instead, place a towel on a flat surface, the wet hat on top, and another towel on top of the hat to dry
7) Press down removing the water from hat with the towels
8) Place damp hat in a warm dry area so the hat can dry completely